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Detail crop of Co-Living Works! / Workhome Project (find the illustration in its entirety below)

The longlist has been published for the 2022 Davidson Prize, the second edition of the annual competition series. The 2022 theme, “Co-Living: A New Future,” called on entrants to speculate on the potential for co-living models to tackle systemic issues in the housing sector, including loneliness, housing shortages, and the needs of single-person or single-parent households.

“Faced with the implications of an aging population, rising costs of care, and the environmental price of energy and embodied carbon, our homes are also increasingly moonlighting as places where people earn a living,” noted the competition brief. “On top of that, they’re sites of the invisible labor that keeps the supply chains of economies oiled (in the UK alone, it’s thought that the value of unpaid work taking place in the homes of today is around £700 billion annually) . Are our homes up to the job?”

The 2021 winner of the Davidson Prize, led by Haptic Architects

The 2021 winner of the Davidson Prize, led by Haptic Architects

Three finalists from the longlist will be announced in April, with an overall winner announced in June. The three finalists will receive £5,000 ($6,500) to develop their ideas, while the overall winner will receive £10,000 ($13,000).

The 2022 edition is the second in the competition’s history. 2021 saw the inaugural edition of the prize, which focused on the theme “Home/Work: A New Future.” The winning proposal, led by Haptic Architects, centered on biophilic home design through their entry HomeForest.

Below, we have republished the 14 longlisted entries. Full details of each entry can be found on the official website here.

Co-Living Retrofit / Azhar Architecture

A Culture Of Community / Baillie Baillie Architects And Community Land Scotland

Co-Living In The Countryside / Charles Holland Architects With Quality Of Life Foundation, Verity-Jane Keefe, Joseph Zeal-Henry

It Takes A Village / Child-Hood

Curious Minds Society / Child Graddon Lewis, Split, Eley Kishimoto & Hungry Sandwich

Recipro City / Heta Architects

Urban Network Of Collective Care / Living Streets

Community / Moebius Studio

Afterlife / Name Architecture + Airc.Digital

Retrofitting Co-Living / Team 5

A Model For Progressive ‘Family’ Housing / The Progressive Housing Design Group

A Taste Of Home / Will King + Hari Kumar

Co-Living Works! / Workhome Project

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