4 Homes with Custom Statement Lighting You Need to See


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Often referred to as the jewelry of the home, lighting is everything. It can boost your mood, capture your attention, and enhance your favorite spaces. Depending on your vision, the right lighting can instantly elevate a home design, creating an air of openness and tranquility, grandeur, or coziness. The team at Magnolia Homes, a luxury home builder based in Collierville, TN, shares four of their favorite projects with us, each one featuring custom statement lighting that’s nothing short of inspiring. Take a look!

4 Homes with Custom Lighting You Need to See

Fairytale-Inspired Lighting

Karen Garner, President and founder of Magnolia Homes, used custom lighting throughout her own home to create an atmosphere that “is like waking up in a fairytale each day.” This magical feeling begins at the home’s exterior with tasteful gas lights and continues throughout the interior. “When you step into our front door, the entry, dining, and stair lights evoke delight — like stepping into a storybook,” Karen explains. “As you walk through our home, this feeling continues.”

While Karen wanted to create a home that feels timeless, elegant, and sophisticated, she emphasizes the importance of using light fixtures that transition seamlessly from one room to the next. While she opted for dazzling, attention-grabbing fixtures in her dining room, Karen chose something more subtle for the living room.

An elegant gold light fixture makes a statement as soon as guests walk through the front door!

Dining room with gold chandelier and floor-to-ceiling windows

Karen Garner, President and founder of Magnolia Homes, used an elegant light fixture to serve as a centerpiece in her dining room.

Setting the Tone with Lighting

Before choosing your light fixtures, it’s important to know the overall vision you’re trying to achieve. Once you land on a theme, you can use lighting to help set the tone for your home’s design. Such was the case for this stunning English countryside-inspired home. Once the homeowners established their aesthetic — minimalistic, yet still warm and inviting — Kim Loudenbeck with Warehouse 67 and Caly Channell with Ferguson were able to help choose lighting that complemented the homeowners’ vision. “Lighting elevates a home’s design if it harmonizes with the home’s overall feel, is thoughtfully selected and placed, and truly reflects a homeowner’s style and vision,” says Whitney Harvey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Magnolia Homes.

Kitchen with custom home lighting from Magnolia Homes

For this project, Whitney Harvey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Magnolia Homes, says lighting sets the overall tone for the home, bringing all design components together seamlessly.

Sitting area with statement light fixture

When choosing custom lighting, Whitney adds that Karen and the Magnolia Homes team takes note of all selections in a room, such as paint, tile, countertops, and hardware.

A Model for Lighting Inspiration

This home is one of Magnolia Homes’ model homes, and it’s the ultimate source of lighting inspiration. “Karen specifically wanted to feature lighting that we knew would complement the essence of the home,” says Kaitlyn McKay, Marketing Manager at Magnolia Homes. With this goal in mind, Karen opted for luxurious yet practical light fixtures throughout. In the dining room, she and the design team considered the natural light coming from a nearby window. The result is a statement fixture that complements and uses the nearby natural light to its advantage. Kaitlyn adds that they were not afraid to incorporate light fixtures with different colors from the rest of the space. She says this opens a palette for more creativity and flexibility.

Dining room with custom home lighting from Magnolia Homes

The Magnolia Homes team considered the natural light coming from a nearby window when designing this dining room. When doing this in your own home, Magnolia Homes Marketing Manager Kaitlyn McKay says, “Ensure the lighting complements and utilizes the natural light in your home.”

Scullery with dark cabinets and hardware

The Magnolia Homes team opted to mix and match finishes in the home’s scullery, which Kaitlyn says is something Karen is not afraid to do. “Do not fear mixing colors,” she explains. “It’s perfectly okay if your plumbing fixtures are gold and your lighting is matte black.”

Statement-Making Lighting

The homeowners wanted to make a stunning statement with their lighting for this next home. “The look was envisioned to be fresh, vivacious, transitional, and in line with a trendy boutique resort exuding a soothing ambiance dotted with bold pieces,” says Whitney. To create this look, Caly Channell with Ferguson and the Magnolia Homes team used fixtures that were elegant and luxurious. While it was important to implement this captivating lighting, the team also considered the room’s function and how the homeowners would use it. After all, lighting is about finding the perfect balance between form and function.

White kitchen with gold accent lighting and hardware

Whitney says the best words to describe the lighting in this home are statement-making, joyful, sparkling, and luxurious. We couldn’t agree more!

Porch area with custom home lighting from Magnolia Homes

When it comes to lighting, don’t be afraid to make a statement. “Do not be afraid to be bold in choosing your lighting selections,” says Whitney. “This is the jewelry of your home, remember!?”

Picking out the right lighting for your home can be a time-consuming item on your to-do list, but Karen adds that it’s essential not to overlook this part of the process. “Ensure you are factoring and planning for this within your entire home project and not relegating it to last place,” she says. “Lighting should be a key focus and main component in the home planning stages.”

Magnolia Homes is located at 193 Cartwright Farm Lane, Collierville, TN 38017. To learn more, visit yourmagnoliahome.com or call (901) 309-0710.

This article is sponsored by Magnolia Homes. All photos courtesy of Carroll Hoselton of Memphis Media Company.