‘Building Roots’: Texans Ben and Cristi Dozier reveal inspiration behind Root Design


HGTV’s upcoming home renovation series called ‘Building Roots’ is about to be the next big fan favorite already. The show, centered around a husband-wife duo, premieres on April 10, 2022. While their new home in the Pagosa Springs region of Colorado is home to vast and scenic landscapes, both Ben and Cristi take immense inspiration from their natural surroundings to cater to their client’s homes, with their specialization being in creating customized dream homes.

The couple founded their very own design consultation firm called, Root Design Company. Their combined brainchild is the driving force behind all of their creative home renovation masterpieces. In the upcoming HGTV show, we can watch the pair execute their innovative home renovation ideas and bring them to life. The two share a profound passion for nature and the great outdoors and combine this aspect for home design.


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Who are the Doziers?

Ben Dozier

Ben Dozier, better known as the founder of his design consulting firm, Root Design Company, is also the co-founder and president of 3AG Investments. His social networking skills make it all the more easier to connect with people on not just a professional level, but a personal one too, which is key in the business world.

Ben works with his wife and business partner, Cristi, to build, design, and renovate different and unique homes. After kickstarting the Root company in 2004, the couple further branched out their job description to include all aspects of home design, as well as taking up boutique commercial projects, coupled with destination property development, and brand conception.

Christy Dozier

Cristi Dozier will be seen working with her husband, Ben, in their new and very own series.

While two were born and raised in Austin, Texas, they made the big move to Colorado, which is now their current area of ​​residence. In addition to helping out with Root Design, the mother-of-four also manages and operates their espresso and cocktail bar at Pagosa Springs, called The Root House Coffee + Shop. The place is a bakery and lifestyle store, rolled into one.

When asked about her thoughts on opening the store, she said, “In Cristi’s opinion, she says, “We opened this coffee shop as an extension of our design business to invest in the local community and to serve our clients even better, with a great cup of coffee, of course, and a selection of retail goods”. Now that’s the right way to do business!

Fun fact, the couples’ design business first started off as a landscape company! Cristi says, “I can remember when we thought of the name Root Design. We had the name before we started the business. And we loved the word ‘root’ because it meant the source from which things grow. Yes, it started as a landscape company, but we felt like it lent itself to be whatever we wanted it to grow into”. It sure seems like the name was the right choice since it’s befitting!

While the couple started and launched Root Design Company in Texas, their hometown, they moved the basecamp to a mountain town in Pagosa Springs in Colorado. This is where the family of 6 currently resides, housed at a vintage Victorian riverfront home, with their design studio headquartered in a barn on their property.

When it comes to their four children, named Adelyn, Gunnison, Creede, and South, it sure seems like a lot of thought went into their names. “Cristi named Adelyn, which is a beautiful name, and I named a couple of our kids after towns in Colorado that I’d lived in or had significant value to us.”

Catch the premiere of ‘Building Roots’ on April 10, 2022, at 9 pm ET, only on HGTV.

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