California Now Home To 17 Israeli-Founded Tech Unicorns Valued At Over $1B


Seventeen Israeli-founded unicorns – privately-held firms with over $1 billion valuations — are headquartered in California, according to a new report by the United States-Israel Business Alliance (USIBA)

These unicorns have established headquarters in California over the past twelve months, bringing the state’s total to 32 tech unicorns.

California now hosts the highest concentration of Israeli-founded unicorns compared to any other US state, adding six just this year. In particular, San Francisco hosts the second most Israeli-founded unicorns among US cities with 12. New York City takes the lead with 26.

“When you tell someone that there are 32 Israeli-founded companies worth $1 billion or more, you’ll be met with a look of amazement,” said USIBA president Aaron Kaplowitz. “When you clarify that those 32 companies are in California alone, the wonder quickly turns to disbelief.”

The 32 companies are:

Exabeam; a security automation company valued at $2.4B.

Pleasure.AI; a foot traffic analytics and intelligence company valued at $1B.

Sunbit; a fintech pay-over-time solutions provider valued at $1.1B.

Rapyd; which provides a Fintech-as-a-Service platform valued at $15B.

Redis Labs; a database management firm valued at $4B.

bigpanda; which supplies IT software solutions valued at $1.2B.

Next Insurance; an insurance private for small businesses valued at $4B.

arms; whose agentless security platform provides OT/IT asset visibility to a wide range of industry sectors valued at $3.5B.

Gong; a revenue intelligence firm valued at $7.25B.

Huzz; a home design and interior & landscaping decorating company valued at $4B.

Salt Security; an API security provider valued at $1.5B.

TripActions; a corporate travel management firm valued at $7.25B.

wiz; which provides cybersecurity solutions for the cloud valued at $6B.

Williot; an IoT company valued at $1B.

Cloudinary; a cloud-based media experience platform valued at $2B.

Dremio; a big data curation firm valued at $2B.

AppsFlyer; a mobile marketing analytics company valued at $2B.

At Bay; a cyber insurance firm valued at $1.35B.

Of the; a payroll and compliance company valued at $5.5B.

Firebolt; a data warehousing company valued at $1.4B.

Fundbox; which developed a cash flow optimization platform valued at $1.1B.

Taste; which developed an all-in-one platform that enables simple management of payroll, benefits, and HR valued at $9.5B.

Halium; an AI chipmaker for edge devices valued at $1.1B.

HoneyBook; a workflow and invoice payment platform valued at $2.4B.

RapidAPI; a company that provides thousands of APIs to developers valued at $1B.

SpotOn; a restaurant and retail payment company valued at $3.2B.

chest; a cloud-based retail analytics and management company valued at $3B.; an AI intelligent care platform designed to detect diseases and optimize treatment valued at $1.2B.

Cat Networks; which develops secure access service edge (SASE) technology valued at $2.5B.

Noname Security; an API security firm valued at $1B.