fornasetti suspends time with its new candle and home fragrances collection



The Milanese atelier Fornasetti has unveiled a new line of home fragrances that aim to expand the temporal dimension by suspending time. Presenting new designs, decorations and fragrances, the collection has been created to generate an immersive sensory experience.

‘It all began on a winter’s evening, during a candlelit dinner in the hall of a crumbling Tuscan castle,’ said Barnaba Fornasetti, Artistic Director of the Milanese atelier. ‘That evening became the symbol of a newfound atmosphere of conviviality and simplicity that inspired and guided me in these uncertain times. I wanted this to be the message of this new line: an essential and tangible pleasure that lasts over time.’


Expanding on the idea of ​​being able to stop time through the light and scent of a candle, the new Fornasetti Profumi comes in three of its most iconic decorations. in the Original Peccato (Original Sin) collection, Fornasetti’s muse — the late nineteenth century opera singer Lina Cavalieri — is the star of the decoration, together with another of the Atelier’s favorite subjects, the snake, symbol of original sin and temptation. This theme is explored also in the scent of the candle which exudes notes of jasmine paired with bergamot.

For the Architecture collection, Fornasetti pays homage to the fascinating theme with a triptych composed of three distinct porcelain candles. The interweaving of perspectives and lines in the decoration around the objects conjures an imaginary city suspended in time. Its fragrance, imagination, combine woody cedar and sandalwood notes.

fornasetti suspends time with its new candle and home fragrances collection

Last but not least, the Farfalle and Balustra (Butterflies and Balustrade) collection celebrates spring, featuring a decoration where leaves and butterflies form a mysterious Italian garden. The fragrance Giardino Segreto (Secret Garden) is distinguished by the scents of black currant and wild blackberry in the undergrowth, combined with welcoming notes of petit grain and geranium.

fornasetti suspends time with its new candle and home fragrances collection

To amplify the Suspended in Time concept of the collection, Fornasetti has created the ASMR Rooms. Accessed via a dedicated website, the digital experience comprises six different videos, each featuring one of the Fornasetti Profumi creations. In the videos, actions that last just a few seconds in everyday life are repeated in a time bubble that lasts as long as the life of the candle itself. Some of the best known triggers in the ASMR world can be heard in the background, from a whispering voice to raindrops: white noises that combine with the fragrances and the light of the flame to offer moments of relaxation and wellbeing.

fornasetti suspends time with its new candle and home fragrances collection
Farfalle and Balustra collection
porcelain, vegetable wax and essences
fragrance ‘Giardino Segreto

For the project, Fornasetti collaborated with Cereria Terenzi in the production of wax, ensuring a great experience for those who use them, and an ethical one for the environment. Like the wax, the new fragrances of Fornasetti Profumi are made through a sustainable production cycle using 100% natural, high-quality ingredients.

Cereria Terenzi stands out internationally for the composition of its waxes based on hydrogenated paraffin for food use, with no traces of toxic substances, ruling out the emission of any substances harmful to the consumer, such as sulphur, benzene, toluene and formaldehydes, during combustion .