House prices: Property for sale? Instagram home trends like dark walls devalue your house


Trends that could send the value of your home plummeting include dark walls and gold fittings, experts have said. Curved features, rather than traditional classic square or rectangular features, and colorful kitchens are also big turn-offs for buyers. On the other hand, original features like sash windows have enduring popularity and will add value to your home, experts say.

Interior design videos have amassed 10.4 billion views on TikTok, but Instagrammable gold and copper fixtures, bright kitchen tiles and extreme photo galleries hung on walls are actually reducing the value of your home, according to two property and interior experts.

Marco Helliwell, founder of and Sylvia James, interior design expert at Homehow detailed the decorating trends to avoid when selling your home with ConservatoryLand.

Ms Sylvia James said: “Social media is a double-edged sword in terms of interior design.

“It’s ideal for sharing ideas between enthusiastic homeowners and renovators but although it’s great for providing endless inspiration, it can’t provide amateurs with the skills they need to create a cohesive room or a good finish. So, it can encourage design disasters.”

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This trend sees all available wall and floor space used to its full potential. Think busy gallery walls, mismatched furniture, loud and bright wallpaper, and lots of colours.

Mr Helliwell says: “If your styling is so busy that a potential buyer can’t see the basics of a room or house then this could prevent people even booking in a viewing, so be careful how things translate to small photos on an online listing .”

Ms James agrees: “An array of colors and styles can be quite overwhelming and hard for buyers to see past. Basically, a buyer wants to be able to picture themselves living in your home. So, you need to make it easy for them to do that.”

Dark hues and feature walls

Painting certain parts of your home in bold black rather than the typical neutral shades is very off-putting for potential buyers.

“Drenching rooms in dark hues creates a very distinctive interior, which is not to every buyer’s taste,” Ms James said.

“Some buyers may be looking for a light and airy home, so you’re limiting your options. This is why the tried and tested advice is to keep things neutral.”


While rounded fixtures and fittings might seem fun and retro alternative to classic lines and traditional shapes of walls and doors, they could easily put off potential buyers.

“If it’s not in keeping with the original style of the property then it can be a big risk”, says property expert, Mr Helliwell.

“If you’re thinking of doing this to a small room then it could work against you when selling.”

colorful kitchens

Many have instead decided to add bright tiles or wallpaper to their kitchen or opt for bright colours.

Mr Helliwell warned: “Be careful when doing anything that is expensive to undo.

“If you’re decorating your house to sell, and not for you to stay in long-term, I would stay away from making any design choices that are too bold in the kitchen. Keep it simple.”

Trends that will add value to your home

Japandi style interiors

Japandi is an interior style that is an aesthetically-pleasing marriage between simplicity and nature with the common interest of minimalism, bringing the best from two different sides of the world – Scandinavia and Japan. The look is minimal, functional, warm and calming.

Ms James said: “Japandi and naturalism trends are bound to slowly evolve, but because they take in neutral tones and natural materials, and have a focus on sustainability, they’ll likely stand the test of time.”

Original features

Retaining the style and grandeur of properties from the time they were built is something that many buyers will thank you for.

Mr Helliwell said: “Mantelpieces in period properties are timeless, along with fireplaces, sash windows and shutters are some of the features buyers are looking for in older homes.

“If you bring back a property to have its original features such as cornicing, Victorian tiling in hallways and leading up to the house, these things are part of the original styling of the property so will always give you a good basis to attract buyers. “

bright conservatories

“Conservatories are a huge bonus for families and people working at home more,” Mr Helliwell said.

“They can also help make smaller properties feel bigger and more spacious which makes them seem significantly more attractive.

“They are fast becoming the go-to way of getting more space to a property without going through the laborious process of planning.”