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Making a house in Minecraft is a survival essential in most situations, but there’s a difference between making a house and making a home.

Longtime Minecraft players have likely built more than a few houses in their time, but there’s always the next build to consider. With that in mind, there are a ton of great designs and design philosophies out there, thanks to the creativity of the game’s community.

Even if players don’t use the entire design, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating certain factors into their future build.

Great Minecraft home designs worth looking into for inspiration

7) Oval Crop House

This home is unique but also provides plenty of functionality (Image via Mojang)6) Below-Ground House
A home underground, but not too far underground, is an interesting design choice (Image via Folli/YouTube)


5) Mountainside Mansion

Mountains can be tough to build on, but this house is visually stunning built into one (Image via Mojang)4) Stilt House in Water
Instead of a house by the water, why not a house on the water?  (Image via Mojang)


3) Minimalist River House

Taking a page from the stilt house, this design brings a modern mansion feeling to a water-bound house (Image via Mojang)2) Miniature House
This design is about as small as a functional Minecraft house can get (Image via Confuz/YouTube)


1) Abandoned Island House

A decrepit island hideaway is certainly an interesting home design angle (Image via Mojang)

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