Interior designers show you how to add a touch of elegant Bridgerton style to your home


One of the emerging trends from 2021 that has galloped from a niche style into the daylight of mainstream is called Royalcore, influenced mainly by lockdown, binge-worthy series such as The Crown and Bridgerton. Now Netflix’s hit series, Bridgerton, is back for an eagerly-awaited second series to inject even more excitement into this interior design trend.

The look incorporates luxury, opulence and regalia and shows no sign of slowing down, especially with 2022 also the year of the Queen’s platinum jubilee. How regal you want to go depends on how posh you are feeling, but you can indulge in this trend by just dipping your toe in the water with sumptuous fabrics and ornate gold accessories, or you can take the plunge and dive right in with all out opulence.

Although this renaissance of 19th century style wrapped in a royal wrapper is naturally suited to period properties, design director and founder of Anne Haimes Interiors says royalcore and regency influences can work in any home. Just choose what works for you and what you love, and introduce a sprinkling of a Bridgerton-inspired aesthetic into your home via some or all of these suggestions.

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1. Checkered floors

Classic floor design for a royal vibe

bridgerton royalcore style
Can be used in a more modern setting too

A classic take on traditional Georgian styles, checkered marble-style floors are back according to Anne Haimes. Perfect for entrance hallways and bathrooms, traditional black and white checkered floors are a timeless addition to any style of property.

Opting for a larger tile will make a space appear larger and grander while maintaining the sophistication of simplicity. For those that prefer modern minimalism, a checkered floor is a great focal point without being overbearing, while those with an eclectic flair can easily pair the bold flooring with even bolder colors and patterns.

2. Garden rooms

bridgerton royalcore style
If you have a garden room you have Bridgerton style, but fill a room with plants if you don’t

bridgerton royalcore style
If you don’t have a garden room, fill a space with plants and biophilic inspired wallpaper

In the latest Bridgerton trailer we see the cast enjoying yet another party, this time set in an exquisite glass greenhouse filled with vibrant flower displays. Many people can’t afford a garden room or orangery, so why not bring that floral flair into your own home by dedicating an entire room to your plants?

If you don’t have the space to spare a whole room, you can still create that same feeling of decadence by placing oversized bouquets in ornamental vases as a focal point in your living space, or keeping adding to your house plant collection as biophilic interior design remains a dominant trend of 2022 and shades of green are one of the key colourways of the year.

TIPS: Royalcore and Bridgerton - this is Gileston Manor in Vale of Glamorgan
Create your own garden room with wall murals

Or if you’re feeling artistic or know someone who is, you can create your own posh garden room in one of your existing rooms via some beautiful floral and garden inspired wall murals.

If you do have an existing summerhouse or even a greenhouse then add a pinch of posh as well as oodles of plants to create a mini orangery happy to welcome any lady of the manor.

3. Bring in the color

bridgerton royalcore style
Nothing says regal more than a deep, rich, royal blue

Color is back this spring, albeit muted and more nature-based, replacing neutrals with more energized, uplifting shades. Think shades of blue, pink and lilac for a nod to Bridgerton’s romantic and whimsical aesthetic and don’t be afraid to mix and match to maximize color impact.

But for a more impactful regal splendor Esther Milardi at Cardiff based Di Oro Interiors suggests subtly adding a touch of royal to your home whilst bringing in one of the color trends of the year too – sumptuous tones of blue.

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Esther says: “Blue is a beautiful classic regal color that gives bags of character to any interior. Try using it sparingly, maybe as a large headboard or as a pair of stunning scatter cushions edged with white piping, or even as upholstered panels above your bedside tables.Complete the look with a glass and brass table lamp with a cream shade for the ultimate regal look.”

Incorporating these myriad of Bridgerton-inspired colors through pattern, such as illustrated wallpapers or furniture, will help avoid this color scheme seeming too child-like and more royal, and if they come with a touch of metallic or a classic royal or posh motif, even better for this trend.

bridgerton royalcore style
Go mat black or charcoal gray for a dramatic and more modern backdrop

But if you want a more modern take on the Bridgerton style, bring in the fancy mirrors, classic elegant furniture and chandeliers, but cloak the whole room in mat black or a deep charcoal grey. This updates the look and also creates the most dramatic backdrop possible for your key, statement pieces.

4. Ornate mirrors

bridgerton royalcore style
Gold, gold and more gold, inspired by the ornate mirror

bridgerton royalcore style
The bigger and fancier the ornate mirror, the better

Statement mirrors are in vogue, but in recent years minimalist designs have been more popular with thin, simplistic frames. However, expect to see a resurgence of ornamental gold and brass mirrors with intricate detailing this year.

Anne Haimes says: “You can play with the shape and size of your chosen mirror to best fit your space. Go oversized with a free-standing full-length mirror to lean against a bare wall if you want to make a statement. Or look for an overmantle mirror for placing above fireplaces or shelves to add a sense of grandeur and sophistication.”

5. A statement bed

bridgerton royalcore style
A four poster bed is the ultimate royal choice but you can still create Bridgerton style on your current bed

Luxury and comfort is at the heart of the Bridgerton home and your bed should be a focal point within your bedroom, oozing elegance and grandeur. From classic oak to opulent gold, velvet headboards to more modern rattan, the bed is the centerpiece and deserves to be given attention to detail.

Jonathan Warren, director at bed specialist Time4Sleep says: “Sleigh beds are also a beautifully versatile choice as the curved edges exude regal sophistication that is sure to stand the test of time.”

For the ultimate royal-inspired look then a classic four-poster bed is surely the best choice, but of course, buying a new bed can be expensive so Jonathan suggests adding masses of luxurious cushions in sumptuous fabrics and soft textures such as velvet to add a touch of royal to your current bed.

6. Layer like a Lady

bridgerton royalcore style
It’s all about classic, elegant layering but if you can spray a bedside table gold and add some gold stenciling too – happy Bridgerton days and nights await

With inspiration from none other than Daphne Bridgerton, we know that layering is key when it comes to the perfect promenade dress as well as a suitable resting spot. To keep the cold chill at bay for a restful night’s sleep, obviously key for when you’re plotting with the Duke, layering your bedding is certainly the way to go.

Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christy, says: “The bedroom style in Bridgerton adds a quirky modern twist on the traditional regal theme. To get the look, layer a subtle color palette with stand-out patterns. Start with a pale gold sheet topped with an elegant white or gold or silver duvet set with dainty florals before adding accessories.”

Begin layering your accessories with oodles of tactile cushions and a throw or two in rich, luxurious fabrics such as velvet, and this layering of fabrics and colors can be repeated throughout the home – on chairs, on sofas and even at the window.

7.Elegant window displays

bridgerton royalcore style
From very fancy drapes with a pelmet to roman blinds and soft, swishing voiles, the window needs some attention but how Bridgerton you go depends on you

To steer clear of prying eyes and the chance of family dramas being leaked to ‘you know who’ super gossip Lady Whistledown, suitable window coverings are essential. From very fancy drapes with a pelmet to roman blinds and soft, swishing voiles, the window needs some attention but how Bridgerton you go depends on you.

Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Blinds says: “To pair perfectly with the muted, regal color scheme, opt for window dressings in pastel colors such as pale blues, greens and yellows and consider a classic floral print to create a beautifully traditional window display .

“Roman blinds are a great choice for the bedroom as they add an element of sophistication but are also very practical as they help to block out almost all light, leading to a better night’s sleep. Layering some soft romantic voiles in front of the blinds adds a stylish touch and when the windows are open they will catch the warm spring breeze.”

8. Adding aristocratic accessories

bridgerton royalcore style
Mirrors, vases, wall lights, cushions, lamps, ornaments – how you dress a room is important too

As with any room, the finishing touches to an elegant boudoir or parlor can be added through a range of tasteful yet eye-catching luxury home accessories.

Sam Hood, co founder and chief creative officer for Amara, says: “Nothing sets off a room quite like some carefully chosen finishing touches, and if you’re looking to create a striking, regal theme in your bedroom or living room, there are plenty of options for you to choose.

“Candelabras give the room a feeling of aristocratic decadence, whilst bathing the room in candlelight. You can also opt for elegant vases to contain flower bouquets, and striking gold ornaments or marble sculptures to complete the look.

“On the walls, consider some classic styled artwork or portraiture, and an oversized baroque mirror will really complete the look and transport your room back in time.”


bridgerton royalcore style
Take the paneling to the next level with a fancy and ornate design

The popularity of wall paneling within people’s homes shows no sign of stopping, and can add texture and a touch of elegance to a space and is easier to update than wallpaper with just a change of paint colour. Add statement pieces of furniture in ‘on-trend’ colors to modernize the look if you don’t want to go 100% to the past.

But if you want to go to the regal level of paneling, then a fancy pattern within each wall panel section elevates the design to the Bridgerton standard and might even make it into Lady Whistledown’s next edition of her gossipy society papers. And if you don’t want to miss any interior tips and dream homes, join the Amazing Welsh Homes newsletter – much more useful and not as scandalous as naughty Lady Whistledown’s publication.