Meet Madison Johnson, Interior Designer at McNeal & Friends



Madison Johnson grew up in a small farming community of Drayton, ND. Growing up in a class of eight, it became apparent that she was a creative-minded person when she cheered about doing art projects while the rest of her classmates got excited to go to gym class. That was the first time Madison realized she wanted to have a career in the creative industry. In 2019, she graduated from Alexandria with her AA in Interior Design which eventually brought her to Fargo where she has worked at McNeal & Friends for a year.

Madison specializes in fine furnishings and finishes. “People are surprised when we tell them we are a full-service interior design firm,” said Madison. “Being a full-service interior design firm means we can select anything from your plumbing to the accessories on your table.”

Madison has knowledge regarding the best products & materials to use for your particular space, building codes and has the ability to draw your project up in 2D & 3D programs.

“Homeowners have come to us saying they attempted to tackle a project by themselves and selected items they thought would be perfect, but in the end, it didn’t turn out right,” said Madison. “By hiring a designer in the beginning, you eliminate the trial and error.”

She also notes that interior designers are often thought of as helping you with your final products for your home such as furnishings and accessories while they actually do much more than that. A homeowner can hire a designer during the initial stages of building or remodeling as they assist with 2D & 3D drawings, selecting interior and exterior finishes, space planning and overall functionality of each area of ​​your home.

“By hiring a designer in the beginning, you eliminate the trial and error”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

“I have always been inspired by urban artists and their ability to make art where others didn’t know it was possible,” said Madison. “Color-wise, we are seeing that warmer color palettes are making a come back which I am loving right now!” Madison also finds inspiration from the Renaissance Period due to the attention to detail in their paintings and architecture.

The lasting imprint Ruth wants to make with her interior design on the community is creating beautiful spaces where people can gather.