Meet Roxanne Mairs Ellis, Interior Designer & Owner at Mairs Design



“Growing up my dad would come home from his job, grab his toolbox and a ‘helper’ or two and head off to remodel or put an addition on a neighbor’s house,” said Interior Designer and Owner of Mairs Design Roxanne Mairs Ellis. “I became extremely comfortable on a job site. In high school, my dad built our house near Lisbon, ND. This experience got me interested in taking drafting classes in high school and eventually led me to the interior design program at NDSU.”

Roxanne graduated from NDSU with a BS in Interior Design. During the first 12 years of her career, she worked at a couple of hospitality design firms in Fargo before starting her own business. Roxanne has designed hotels around the United States and Canada and multiple local commercial projects over her 29 years in the industry.

Proud of becoming certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, the industry’s recognized indicator of proficiency in interior design principles, Roxanne enjoys collaborating with architects and owners to develop a unique look for each property based on location and clientele, as well as selecting and specifying the proper materials to create functional, timeless, and stunning interiors the client will be proud of. “Interior designers can often visualize how materials will look in the space ahead of time,” said Roxanne. “Therefore, guiding clients to choose the right products will save clients from making costly mistakes or being stuck with a space they are not happy with.”

“I like to take an idea and improve upon it”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

Roxanne is intrigued by biophilic design, which is incorporating nature and the great outdoors into interior spaces using plants, natural woods, paintings and photographs of nature and using materials with organic patterns. Studies have shown this to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing, reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, and speed up the healing process.

“I like to take an idea and improve upon it and incorporate it into projects,” said Roxanne. “I love a lot of art and design styles, but if I had to choose one, it would be the modernist movement, because I like simplicity, clean lines and the absence of clutter.”

Roxanne’s goal is to make an imprint through her volunteerism with North Dakota Interior Designers. She is currently serving as president of NDID for the second time. Founded in 2004, NDID is an organization formed to educate the public on the services offered by interior designers. Their goal is in providing continuing education opportunities focusing on professional development, health, safety, welfare, product knowledge and other topics related to the interior design industry.