New limited edition Sky Glass fascias embrace emerging TV trend


In the interior design world, TVs don’t have the best reputation for fitting into a stylish scheme. However, Sky Glass’s new limited-edition speaker fascia is the latest wave in the trend for TVs becoming a key part of an interior design scheme.

The Sky Glass which launched late last year already had serious style credentials. Sky partnered with the Map Project Office, one of the world’s leading furniture design agencies to create the original sleek TV design.

It launched in five colors, including ocean blue, ceramic white, racing green, dusky pink, or anthracite black, freeing customers from the restriction of trying to blend a black box into living room ideas.

(Image credit: Sky)

The new limited-edition speaker fascias, available on Amazon for $52.20/ £39.99, designed to go over the speaker bar have gone a step further. The patterns inspired by nature such as jade and marble are designed not to disappear but help your living room TV ideas complement your design scheme.