New White Paper from Mary Cook Associates Discusses “Can Good Design be Good for your Health?”


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chicago-based Mary Cook Associates (MCA), a national, award-winning commercial interior design firm, today published a white paper entitled “Can Good Design be Good for your Health?” which explores how well-designed spaces in today’s residential interiors can improve well-being – particularly amid the lifestyle impacts of the pandemic over the last two years.

The pandemic has taken a toll both physically and mentally, from aches and pains caused by hours at makeshift home workstations to the emotional stresses of isolation, uncertainty and worry,” said Mary Cook, president and founder of Mary Cook Associates. “While great design isn’t a cure-all, we know high-performing spaces can energize, motivate, inspire, or even soothe and relax. In planning interiors for the post-pandemic landscape, the most innovative and enduring designs will be those that maximize the fundamentals shaping the experience of a space so people can feel, do and be their best.”

The white paper highlights essentials of design that dramatically impact physical and emotional well-being and allow spaces to function optimally, including:

  • Proxemics: Post-pandemic, proxemics – the study of space, how we use it and how it makes us more or less comfortable – will take into account the long-term impact of social distancing, including comfort levels with proximity to others and preferences for open or outdoor spaces.
  • Ergonomics: With remote work now permanent for many, ergonomics – designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems to fit the people using them – will be critical in creating flexible living spaces and amenities that double as work areas.
  • Scale and Proportion: The “Holy Grail” of design, scale and proportion together elevate the human experience in the built environment. When everything in a room is in balance, the design – and everyone in it – feels great.

Can Good Design be Good for your Health?” is the fourth in a series of white papers from MCA sharing insights based on the firm’s proprietary seven fundamentals of interior design methodology and identifying opportunities for builders and developers to respond to the shifting paradigm of home with thoughtful designs and innovative spaces.

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