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Caroline Chambers was a guest on The HomeBuyers Hour radio show

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Caroline Chambers shares her experience of what it takes to be a professional real estate agent.

Reputation, reputation, reputation are the three most important words for a real estate professional.”

– Charles Bellefontaine

WILMETTE, IL, UNITED STATES, Sept. 3, 2022 / — Caroline Chambers sets the expectations for success in real estate. She confirms that no one can learn the real estate business with just 60 hours of classroom training. It goes so much beyond when it comes to real experience. A real estate agent is so much more than someone who unlocks a door and fills in gaps in a real estate contract. Caroline is empathetic towards other people, you can tell! And that empathy sets them apart from the average Illinois agent.

This was this week’s episode of The HomeBuyers Hour radio show, starring Charlie Bellefontaine, Joey Mathews and Patrick Loftus.

Why is this important in real estate? Because we don’t work with people with “assembly line” ministries. It’s really about shaping their LIFE!

The three most important words for a real estate professional are reputation, reputation, reputation. Says Charlie Bellefontaine. We bring pros like Caroline Chambers to this show because she values ​​her reputation.

Caroline detailed the importance of building a relationship and nurturing those relationships.

Relationships means trust needs to be built. This trust does not come overnight. It’s actually a three-step process. First you have to get to know someone. Heck, you have to get to know yourself so you can share who you are with another person. Then you have to like and respect that person. After these two steps comes confidence. Once you trust each other, the relationship can be established. Maintaining this relationship is also important. Once you breach that trust, the relationship is ruined and all is lost. As this relationship is built and nurtured/honoured, there is another word to remember. Expectations! Real estate professionals need to be clear about what our customers and business partners can expect from us. Because we will break that bond of trust if we fail to meet those expectations.

The business partners we work with must also value their reputation. If someone we work with has a bad reputation (poor reviews from previous clients) then that reflects badly on everyone else who joins that company. Any company we wish to establish a relationship with must have a solid reputation. I will not risk my reputation for someone who doesn’t care about theirs.

Caroline Chambers and Patrick Loftus are joining The Homebuyers Hour radio show this week to talk about what a caring and consultative real estate professional looks like and if it would be something you’d want to experience.
Chicago-based real estate agent Caroline Chambers expresses her unique approach as a real estate agent/therapist, building lifelong relationships with her clients.

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Interview with Caroline Chambers in The Home Buyers Hour