Reviews the Best Barn Doors of the Year


Interior barn doors are not meant only for country-styled homes. Homeowners want barn doors that will match their interior design, and barn doors come in a wide variety of styles and are made using many different materials. Although people usually think of wood panels when they think of barn doors, they can also be made with glass, mirrors, and steel. Barn doors are more popular than ever. Keep reading to understand the top trends and find one that will perfectly suit any home.

glass doors

Perfect for a minimalist decorating style, glass doors are both elegant and functional. They add beauty to a room while still giving it style. Glass brings out the best in a sliding barn door because it can close off a space but still adds interest. Many online sites offer suggestions and additional info. Homeowners have choices that range from half-light glass to full-light glass. A textured glass option is also possible. Having a glass door custom-made can make the door as unique as the home.

Metal Doors

Some of The Best Barn Doors are metal barn doors. They are both practical and more traditional. Metal doors can fit in different house styles, including modern and minimalist. They have a clean design that completes any interior design. There are even lavish and durable styles.

Plank Doors

A variety of doors can be found online at sites like Belleze Furniture. Plank doors can even be made from simple planks inserted on a rail frame. The boards can run horizontally to create a smaller look, or vertically to bring more height to a room.

White-Finished Doors

White-finished doors are a neutral approach to interior design. They highlight softness and cleanness. White-finished doors will match any decor and can match a contemporary or modern home design.

Corner Barn Doors

When spaces in entryways or home offices need to be joined, a corner barn door is sometimes chosen. Each corner slides on a separate track and includes stops that can halt the door exactly where it is needed. Often, according to, corner doors can make small spaces appear larger.

Mirror Barn Doors

Mirror barn doors may be the most popular barn door trend for a minimalist house design. They are practical and can work magic to turn a small room into a larger space. Their overall design lets more light into a space or room. Used in a modern or contemporary home, mirrored doors can amplify the small spaces while also bringing an elegant style.

Size of Barn Doors

The size of barn doors can vary. Most barn doors are around 84 inches high, but the width can range from 24 inches to 48 inches. Ideally, a barn door should be a little larger than the opening of the door frame. In addition to the proper width, a barn door also needs enough clearance for the door to slide fully open.

With all of the possibilities on the market, any homeowner is sure to find the perfect barn door for their home. Whether modern or traditional in style, there is a barn door for everyone.

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