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These trending picks were chosen by VERANDA’s editors for Style Report.

Ikat has energy. It evokes motion and incites one to travel with its exotic patterns and vibrant hues. As perhaps the most time-consuming textile ever to be created, it has become mystic in the design world. Cotton yarns are laid atop a sketched pattern and then groups of threads are bound tightly to resist dye. Then, this process has to be unwrapped and repeated for each color in the fabric, creating hundreds of hours of work before the threads are even warped onto a loom. The resulting pattern has a fuzzy edge to even the most intricate designs, making each yard of fabric completely unique to its maker and wildly different depending on the culture.

While the word “ikat” is derived from the Malay-Indonesian word for “tie,” the technique traveled the Silk Road and built creative hubs in areas such as India, Uzbekistan, Persia, and the Ottoman Empire, and even inspired 17th century European warp painted textiles. No one waxes more poetically about ikat fabrics than the great Robert Kime. He says, “Ikats aren’t just patterns, they are almost a style from the place which is the melting pot of textiles.”

Many fabric houses have introduced their own creative interpretations of this worldly textile for Spring/Summer so often left to the haute bohemians in taste. But why the resurgence now? When no one could travel, there was a mass move to redecorate one’s own space, adding a well-traveled flair when they couldn’t pass outside their front door. Textiles began to reflect our desires, our lust for the outside world.

A wave of maximalism has made a spot of ikat in the home an easy layering tool. Ikats tend to be so loud with color or so busy in pattern they almost become the neutral that goes with everything. Kime advises, “When I started using my ikats in projects, I thought ‘not too much, not too big or small’. I try to let it have the force it has and have found they lift a room so easily, suggesting something original and wonderful from the East.”

Ikats in recent seasons have also inspired item’s like Emily Morrison’s hand-painted plates or Marie Daage’s ceramic collaboration with Veranda. Whether you add a bit of flair with an ikat-inspired lampshade or opt for a big punch of color with ikat wallpaper, you really can’t go wrong with this timeless textile. Here are our favorite ways to include ikat in your space this season.

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Ekaterina by Pierre Frey

Electric with vibrant hues, Pierre Frey’s newly launched Ekaterina fabric is inspired by the archives. It’s made of a glazed percale cotton, pulling from traditional ikat techniques found in a 20th century Afghan chapan rediscovered in the Maison’s collection.


Dahlia Fortuna Dinner Plates (Set of Two)

Emily Morrison’s hand-painted Turkish plates evoke the organic lines of a traditional ikat textiles.


Armand Augustin by Dedar

Dedar’s Armand Augustin’s fabric is distinctly more European in feel, as exemplified here stretched across a wall. The design is made of luxurious wool satin printed with a design inspired by a late 18th century Italian archive document.

As European textile technology advanced in the 17th and 18th centuries, a new technique of warp painting saved hours of painstaking wrapping, binding, and resist dyeing. This created a whole new subset of ikat-inspired designs specifically catering to a western sensibility.

A detail shot of bound threads (each tied by hand still to this day) before the first dye bath. Once this has been dyed, all the spaces left white will be colored, and the bound areas will be left white once untied. This whole process will start again depending on how many colors are in the desired design.


Cala Petita by Gaston and Daniela

Gaston y Daniela’s newest 2022 collection is an entire line inspired by the breezy ikat patterns found on the island of Mallorca, often characterized by coastal hues and two-toned simplicity, making them feel crisp and ready for summer.

Some may cover a room in wall-to-wall ikats like Aerin Lauder, but designers like Robert Kime like to layer ikats together in accessories like pillows and lampshades for a collected, layered affect.


16″ Ikat Shade – Andijan

A pop goes a long way, especially in these traditional ikat fabrics wrapped around a lampshade by Robert Kime.

Every item produced by Kutnia is meant to preserve traditional weaving techniques and the craftsmen who make them by hand in Turkey. Each fabric is woven by masters in southeastern Anatolian (Gaziantep) and is characterized by a dense silk warp and cotton weft. Kutnu fabric dates back to the 16th century and was prized by royalty.


Vintage Ikat by Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap’s Vintage Ikat wallpaper is part of their new collection inspired by Woodstock Festival. Fitting in the design’s alluring movement, an ikat designs feels quite at home amid a collection influenced by the melting pot of rock and roll.


Mayenne Print by Brunshwig & Fils


Guadelupe Grape Ikat Skirt

Exotic and just the right amount of sexy, this Alix of Bohemia cotton skirt is the perfect piece to dress up or down. The design is inspired by ikat textiles, but printed using traditional hand block techniques giving its own sense of character and uniqueness.

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