The heterogenous design of Whole: harmony and the utmost freedom of design


interior design is seeing a revitalization after a couple of years in which solutions emphasized practicality and comfort at home.

As we began to spend more and more time at home, design veered in the direction of reassuring colours, creating versatile multifunctional spaces (such as those facilitating remote working), with a strong focus on ecological materials and outdoor living.

These solutions have by no means been abandoned; to the contrary, they have come to form a part of the classic imagery of the modern home and will continue to do so in the near future, thanks to the trend toward an aesthetic based on the criteria of balance and harmony, warm colors and natural shapes.

Traditional cladding materials are perfectly in line with these design trends.

Examples includewood, stone, marble and concretematerials combining the traditions of the past with the energy and dynamism of today’s particularly resistant products.

This is the case, for example, of high-tech ceramicwhich has undoubtedly played a key role in design in recent years thanks to its combination of high-tech performance and superior aesthetic qualities.

An outstanding brand on the international ceramics scene, Iris Ceramic has been coming up with innovative concrete solutions for everyday living since 1961, as revealed by its vast product catalogue.

the Whole collection is one of the broadest and most varied in Iris Ceramica’s wide range of surface coverings, offering an excellent response to the demands of the market at the current time.

Whole expresses in ceramic slabs the beauty of materials that have become classics of interior design, such as wood, stone, terra cotta and maiolica.

Elegance, harmony and creativity are the keywords in a collection with an emphasis on variety.
This vast range of different materials permits the ultimate freedom of design both inside and outside, with the aid of anti-slip finishes.

Whole Wood is to wood effect material available in the colors Lime, Acacia and Ebony: a pattern of veining, abounding in nodules and signs of the passage of time, for slabs with the lived-in look of old wood.

the “herringbone” laying scheme characters Whole Chevrona contemporary twist on the timeless look of terracotta (in the cotto and Tobacco colours), along with maiolica (White and Flock).
As always, this format gives flooring a dynamic look while at the same time making the most of the material’s surface texture and finish.

Stone is reinterpreted in Whole Stone, available in the colors White, Sand, Tobacco, Gray and Blackin three different sizes along with decorative pieces, mosaic pieces and special pieces.

In this case, what adds character and personality to the surfaces is the “variations and gradations in hue” facilitating all possible combinations.

This plurality of textures and colors allows Whole to be used in a great variety of stylesideal for residential, commercial and public constructions in line with today’s latest and most refined trends.

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