These Are the Top 5 Things Job Seekers Are Looking For


Are any of these on your list?

key points

  • Recent data reveals that a lot of people are job hunting these days.
  • There are specific benefits job searchers are hoping to reap.

If you’re looking for a new job right now, you’re in good company. Recent data from Employ confirms that 45% of Americans are looking for a new job or plan to look soon. And here are some of the things they’re hoping to get out of a new role.

1. Betterpay

The salary you earn at your job could spell the difference between being able to cover your bills with ease or not. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a salary that will make it possible to meet different goals, whether they entail buying a home, paying off debt, or being able to steadily contribute money to an IRA or 401(k) plan for retirement.

If you’re hoping to increase your income via a new job, spend some time researching salary data so you’ll know if you’re being low-balled on an offer or not. It also pays to boost some of your skills so you’re more likely to snag a higher salary.

2. Growth opportunities

Feeling trapped in a dead-end job is an awful feeling. And so it’s not surprising that job seekers today are looking for growth opportunities.

That could mean a few different things, though. Think about the type of career growth you want. Maybe your goal is to climb the ranks within your field. Or maybe you simply want a job that will allow you to continuously develop skills and grow professionally.

3. The option to work from home

A lot of people have gotten used to working remotely during the pandemic. And so you may want to continue doing so if you get a new job.

That said, you may not want to write off the idea of ​​a hybrid work arrangement — one that has you in the office part of the week but home the rest of the week. Having that setup allows you to be home some of the time and save on commuting costs. But it also means getting face time with your boss and getting to develop stronger relationships with your colleagues. Plus, you may find it’s nice to get out of the house, even if it means spending a little money to get to work.

4. A solid work-life balance

It’s important to have a job that’s not overly demanding. If you’re seeking out a new role, you’ll want to make sure it asks for a reasonable amount of your time. That isn’t to say you won’t face your share of busy periods. But it’s important to seek out a role that allows you to take care of your family, your home — and yourself.

5. Health benefits

Healthcare is a huge expense, but good insurance can help mitigate it. Many job seekers today want better health coverage, and it’s not unreasonable for you to want the same. In fact, it pays to ask specifically about health insurance in the course of evaluating new job offers.

If you’re going to replace your current job with a new one, that new role should be a great fit. You want to make sure it checks off all or most of these boxes.

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