This Dolby Atmos soundbar uses a space-age design to tailor audio to your home


French audio brand Devialet has announced its first-ever soundbar – and with Dolby Atmos and room calibration, it could make a convincing alternative to rivals like the Sonos Arc.

While most soundbars look fairly similar to one another, the Devialet Dione employs a striking design that sets it apart from the competition and takes inspiration from the company’s previous space age-style wireless speakers.

In the middle of the new Dolby Atmos soundbar is an orb-shaped center channel, that’s designed to maintain perfect front-facing calibration, no matter how you position the Dione (fans of the Devialet Phantom I speaker will recognize the spherical design). Whether you place the soundbar underneath your TV, or mount it flush against your wall, the orb points towards you to deliver sound straight to your ears.

(Image credit: Devilet)

As well as mechanically adapting the sound, the orb in the center of the soundbar contains a gyroscopic sensor that detects the position of the soundbar and adjusts the audio signal accordingly.